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History Courses

Civics/Government (minimum 6, maximum 12)

US Civics/Government: In this class will dive into how our government was designed to work and what our role as Christian citizens is supposed to look like. We will be using current events along with an established curriculum format from the Institute on the Constitution whose mission is to restore our American Founding Fathers' Biblical, Constitutional, American View of law and government.  This class will be taught on the foundation and belief "There is a God, our rights come from Him and the purpose of civil government is to protect our God-given rights" and that fidelity to this American View is crucial to the preservation of Liberty.  There is no text to purchase, handouts will be distributed in class.  The cost for the course will be $350/year with a $25 supply fee.

American History (minimum 5, maximum 12)

A comprehensive review, this course will cover topics from Native Americans and Colonization, early American life, slavery, religious freedom, the American Revolution, the formation of government, the Civil War and reconstruction, immigration, westward expansion, World War I and II, Vietnam War, Civil Rights era, and the War on Terrorism. With an emphasis on the Socratic method of discussion, the course will emphasize critical and historical thinking by engaging with challenging material, understanding of historical perspective, debate skills, and an examination of various world views and current events through the lens of a Christian Worldview.  Assignments will include reading, essay/opinion questions, debate, and engagement with the material.   Satisfactory completion of this course will qualify for one history credit.  The cost of the course is $350/year with a $25 supply fee.


Textbook: ”American History:  Observations and Assessments from Early Settlement to Today” by James P. Stobaugh.

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