Journey into the Wonder of Words  - Beginning Writing / Grammar

(minimum 5 - maximum 12)

Journey into the Wonder of Words begins with students writing sentences and phrases correctly, paying attention to verb agreement, conjugation and sentence structure. My course is designed so students can increase their writing skills to further an idea development, coherence and effective communication with the reader. Students gain the writing and researching abilities that will help them succeed in higher education. Typically, students' vocabularies increase along with their reading abilities in this class. Students learn to scan written materials for information that will be useful for research purposes.  In the latter part of the class, students learn to write creatively as well as to demonstrate their skills

by researching and writing term papers. They write papers and practice using a writing style and structure that is acceptable at the university level. Often, students edit their own work for basic grammar, style and spelling mistakes.

All students beginning 8th or 9th grade level are welcome.  The course is $350 with a $25 supply fee.


American Literature (minimum 5, maximum 12)

Utilizing a variety of classic and modern American writers , this course will focus on discussion of the material, using the group environment to delve deeply into each text. Individual projects and papers that help the student connect to the content will also be incorporated.  Required book list with ISBN numbers will be released over the summer.  The course cost is $350 with a $25 supply fee.

Literature 2 - British Literature (minimum 5, maximum 12)

Similar to American Literature, however utilizing a variety of British writers, this course will focus on literary content and discussion of cultural differences and similarities.  Papers and individual projects will be used to enhance student's learning.  The required book list with ISBN numbers will be released over the summer.  The course cost is $350 with a $25 supply fee.

Advanced Writing (minimum 5, maximum 12)

This will be a college preparatory, writing-intensive class in which students will develop their writing skills, learn basic citation formats, and styles of writing required in college. The goal of this class is to provide students with the tools they need to present their ideas in written form. We will be learning and practicing various types of writing from essays to research papers.


Class objectives:


On completion of this class, students should be able to

  • Have an understanding of the basics of writing a paper

  • Develop ownership of their writing 

  • Think, speak, and write critically about what makes writing effective


Required Text:


A Writer’s Reference Ninth Edition with 2016 MLA Update by Diana Hacker

If you need more information about the literature courses being offered, use the message form to contact us.

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